Non-Ferrous Sand Casting

Hitech Metal Non-Ferrous Foundry is equipped many facilities for the Green Sand Molding, Gravity, Pressure Die-Casting and Squeeze Casting for the Aluminium, Zinc, Copper, Magnesium Alloys products.

Hitech Metal is able to build the right way for the pattern tools and fixtures, our design engineers begin each project with the idea of "engineering quality into the casting". Your pattern tools will be built with only the best materials to ensure maximum die life and part-to-part repeatability. These tools and fixtures will be considered as following.

Sand Molding
Sand Molding
Shell Molding Process
Shell Molding Process


  • Wooden Pattern:
    Wooden material for the low volume, flexible design low cost for simple castings.
  • Aluminium Pattern:
    Aluminium material is used for medium volume work and complex shapes.
  • Steel Pattern:
    Steel is used for longer runs, longer life for tooling, eigher permanent or low pressure permanent mold for middle to high volume production.


  • Green Sand Casting Process:
    • Produce small and large molds to excesses of 100 lbs
    • Ensure stability to wall thickness greater than 0.125"
    • Adaptable to large or small quantities.
    • Easy of to changes in design during production
  • Low Pressure Molding Process:
    • Leading itself to specialized insert and coring
    • Ensures dimensional stability to 0.1" wall thickness
    • Retains extremely tight tolerance controls
    • Permit high reproducibility
  • Permanent Molding Process:
    • For medium to high volume application with improved finishes
    • Accommodates casting up to 200 lbs.
    • High degree of dimensional accuracy.
    • Ensures dimensional stability to 0.1" wall thickness
    • Retains tight tolerance controls.


  • Air compressor head, Air motor housing
  • Gear case, transmission bell housing
  • Engine cover, machinery base, electric box etc.

Secondary Operations for Customers

We also offer value added services include:
  • Heat Treatment
  • Machihning, Welding
  • Anodizing, Painting
  • Assimbly, Testing