Sand Cast Iron/Steel

Hitech Metal ISO-9001, TS-16949 Certified Ferrous Foundry provides manual molding for the low volume orders, the middle to high volume orders would be put on machine molding process, the professional casting engineers will keep the good production conditions from the qualified green sand in sieving, compression, tensile strength, moisture, CB value, bond testing etc. Hitech Metal can produce castings from ounce up to 10,000 lbs in gray iron from Furan process, up to 5,000 lbs in ductile iron and cast steel. The in-house machine shop is equipped 8 sets of machine-centers and 20 sets of CNCLathe machines for high volume production.

Automatic Molding
Automatic Molding
Manual Molding Machines
Manual Molding Machines
Manual Molding Machines
Manual Molding Machines


  • Green Sand Molding, No-Bake for the Cast Iron.
  • Esterifying Sodium Silicate Sand Molding for Cast Steel.
  • Lost Form Molding for Precision Casting Steel.
    Shell Mold
    Shell Mold
    Sand Molding
    Sand Molding
    Furan Process
    Furan Process
  • 3,000 tons per month in one shift operation
  • 5,000 tons per month in two shift operation


Horizontal Manual Molding Machine
Flask Size:
600 x 750 x 200 / 450 mm  30 molds / hr / set
200 x 1300 x 350 / 350 mm  10 molds / hr
5 units
Horizontal Automatic Molding
Flask size : 60 x 700 x 250 / 250mm 100 molds / hr
1 unit
Foran Process Molding Machine ( 5tons / hr ) 1 unit
Shell / Core Making Machine 8 sets
Cupola Furnace ( 5 tons ) 2 sets
Low Frequency Furnace ( 5tons / 1200kw ) 2 units
Low Frequency Furnace ( 10tons / 1200kw) 2 units
1.5 tons Electric AC Furnace 1 unit
3 tons Electric AC Furnace 1 set
Green Sand Mixing Equipment ( 75 tons / hr ) 1 set
Shoot Blasting Machine 6 sets
Sand Test 1 set


  • Cast Iron, Ductile Iron Vermicular Graphite.
  • Cast Iron, Carbon Steel, Stainless.
  • High Cr, Mn Steel, Ni Alloys etc.


  • Automobile, Refrigerator, Engine, Transmission Parts.
  • Gear and Socket, Puley, Pump, Electric Motor Housing,
  • Machine Parts and Base, Hydrant and valve Body.
  • Milling, Construction, Arm, Turbine Parts.